THE BIG REVEAL... is finally here.

THE BIG REVEAL... is finally here.

It's been 12+ years in the making, but we've finally gotten our sh*t together!

By combining Mums jewellery-making skills and my love for photography, we've both given each other the chance to express our passions through our business. I love that I can finally showcase Mums craft through mine, and that this platform allows us to reach both our audiences simultaneously.

A little back-story of where it all began:

Mothers Day Stalls.

Primary School.

Every year a bunch of students would contribute something to sell at the fair, and after stumbling upon a passion for beading, mum whipped up some very funky, very Y2K earring sets that were an absolute hit! All the mums working the stall were pointing their daughters in our direction and asking if we had more when we had completely sold out. 

Since then, mums hobby grew from earrings to bracelets, to necklaces and beyond. She had a different matching set for every outfit, everyday. Friends and family would ask if they could buy something for a birthday present or a Christmas gift, and so we started hosting jewellery parties.

I'd invite my friends...

Mum would invite the mums...

and we'd all have a blast, even the doggos would!

(here's a shot of little Milo getting amongst the fun) 

We decided to print some business cards and messed around with the name a bit.

We started as EDJ Dezign (EDJ = "edge" haha, get it...  so edgy!!)

but finally turned into what we know today as:

E X E S I A - a little known Greek work meaning Exquisite

(better than that edgy nonsense I reckon too)

Since then it's been years and years of market stalls, multiple backyard mockup photoshoots, countless Christmas shopping days, and probably thousands of missing beads that got lost in the couch.

Here's Demi - Exesia's first ever model (and one of my best mates) absolutely killin it. I don't think we could have fit any more bracelets on her wrists.

It's been a hell of a journey and I can finally say we're ready to make our mark. We're diving straight into the deep end of the E-Commerce world, and we'll be accessorised to the MAX as we do it!

So proud of ya mum, we've definitely come a long way, and yet I still feel like this is only the beginning. I'll be manifesting our very own little jewellery shop in Limnos so I can retire young and we can live the rest of our days in the village. But until then... we've got plenty of jewellery to make, and plenty of photos to take  ; )

stay tuned for more, there are big things coming! 

love nikki  x

Mum & Me. circa 2017, island life